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Needorwant1 v2
Is it a NEED or a WANT?

You probably knew this, but in 2012 we (Australian Households) spent $642 BILLION* on living costs.

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shenanigans1 v2
Australia Day Shenanigans

Every Australian this time of year starts planning their Australia Day Long Weekend, it’s the long weekends of all long weekends.

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Out and about Aust Day1 v2
Out and About on Australia Day

Most of us on the long weekend will either be attending a BBQ or have left the city with the family to have a quick getaway, either way Australia Day...

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Charity1 v2
The Gift of Giving

I want to take a minute out from all this budget stuff over the Christmas holidays, how to save money on decorations, gifts and hosting a party.

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Christmas WWS21 v2
Christmas Edition: Worthy Wednesday Savers

This year Christmas has come around a little too quick for my liking. One minute I’m buying Easter eggs, the next Halloween treats and now it’s Christmas decorations.

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Christmas Edition: Worthy Wednesday Savers

Christmas is less than a month away. Sshhh I can almost hear everyone’s chin dropping. This frantic yet festive season has somehow ever so quickly approached us all again.

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Halloween1 v2
Goblins, Black Cats and Witches...Oh My!

Halloween…. . are Australians adapting to this American culture or is it just another excuse for having a party? As an Australian it’s the latter.

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WWS 111 v2
Worthy Wednesday Savers #11

To my surprise, I received my first Christmas party invitation only a few days ago. In just seconds, thoughts started flooding my mind….

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WWS 101 v2
Worthy Wednesday Savers #10

Long weekend is just around the corner and I have a feeling my budget will be blown and it’ll only be the 1st week of October.

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