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The full service money management solution that delivers complete financial money management services and enables deeper client conversations.

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Who uses Moneysoft Pro?

  • Financial Advisers and Planners
  • Financial Planning Dealer Groups
  • Mortgage Brokers and Aggregators
  • Professional Money Coaches
  • Debt Reduction and Budgeting Service Providers
  • Software Vendors and Managed Service Providers
  • Superannuation Funds

What can Moneysoft do for your business?

A dedicated full-service money management solution supporting financial professionals, offering full cash flow, budgetary and money management services to their clients.


Help clients to understand the benefits of a streamlined banking structure, expense and cashflow management and instil healthy disciplines, through structured financial coaching.


Access to reports that are focused on strengthen your services – from quick ‘Health checks’ to ongoing Benchmarking, Budget vs Actual, Cashflow & Networth reports and more. Report by individual or aggregated client base level.


Link client data in minutes with automatic, collection of balance and transaction information from over 350 different accounts from more than 130 financial product providers in Australia.

* ongoing data collection which can also be updated manually.


Put appropriate wealth strategies in place, against short and long-term financial goals for your clients, using Moneysoft to regularly track their progress.


The rich functionality within Moneysoft, allows you to provide new innovative services to your clients. Link clients into one efficient platform and combine this with your own expertise, offering a customised service for your clients.


Moneysoft provides you with a platform that is rich in data, giving you the potential to gain unprecedented insights right across your client base, using advanced analytics and data mining.


Set-and-forget alert generation based on common actions and triggers. You can even automate updates and reminders around your service proposition.


Our business pricing starts at just $199.50+GST per month (Volume discounts and wholesale plans are available).

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Use the rich and accurate information Moneysoft provides, to understand your clients money management behaviours, in detail across their financial lifestages. Tailor your services to help clients and to allow you to offer optimal financial products and services to support them.

Customer testimonials


It’s one thing to help our clients set up their spending and savings plans, it’s another thing entirely to help them stay on track.

Moneysoft provides this solution in an efficient and user-friendly manner that allows us to track our client’s progress and ensure they remain on target with their financial goals. 

We love Moneysoft, and our clients love this dynamic approach to money management.  Without Moneysoft’s technology we would be unable to efficiently assist our clients reach their ultimate goal of financial independence. 

Glen Malkiewicz

Senior Financial Adviser
JBS Financial Strategists


Helping our clients understand their cash flow by using smart tools like Moneysoft is critical to ensuring that the long term wealth management plans that we establish for our clients, are based upon accurate cashflow assumptions, helping us to have proactive discussions with our clients about their financial progress across all aspects of their wealth.

Adam Morse

Director of Wealth
BlueRock Financial Wealth


Moneysoft has provided AFPG clients and advisers with sophisticated, but user-friendly, budgeting software. It enhances our mission of understanding our client’s financial situation intimately.

Our determination to support our clients through exceptional service and products includes having Moneysoft. It is an important addition to our suite of services.

Sonia Dickson

Project Manager
Australian Financial Planning Group


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate working with Moneysoft and how much the program has assisted us with monitoring our clients’ position.

As a business that focuses on reducing debt and creating wealth, budgeting is certainly a key aspect of that process.

Moneysoft has made a huge difference to our business allowing us to correctly monitor a client’s income and expenditure in an easy, timely and efficient manner.

Shaun Frost

Certified Financial Planner
Financial Coaching Australia


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Moneysoft Lite

Moneysoft Lite provides a stepping-stone, into cash flow as a service.
So, If you’re looking to increase your existing client services with improved business productivity, Lite gives you that option.

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Personal Solution

If you are an individual who is looking for a powerful personal money management and budgeting tool, Moneysoft has a solution, to give you a complete and true picture of your personal finances.

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