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Introduce your clients to money management with a simple financial well- being solution with health check capability

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Who uses Moneysoft Lite?

  • Financial Advisers and Planners
  • Professional Money Coaches
  • Debt Reduction and Budgeting Service Providers
  • Software Vendors and Managed Service Providers
  • Mortgage Brokers and Aggregators
  • Superannuation Funds

What can Lite do for your Business?

Moneysoft Lite can help advisers cut through lengthy manual data collection and data entry requirements to deliver accurate up-to-date information, automation efficiencies.

The automated financial health check within Lite, gives clients immediate return through an easy to understand financial wellness report, while advisers realise instantaneous value through advanced analytic and reporting capabilities, that aim to direct their client conversation and service offering towards the areas of highest impact.

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For every client who enters their financial details, Lite will automatically identify areas of opportunity and areas for improvement, in relation to management of their cashflow. This gives you a highly efficient means to develop and propose fee-based services ongoing, via Moneysoft Pro.


Lite helps you to very quickly present the concept of cashflow as a service, all reinforced by a clear, easy to use and understand platform with a separate platform, for you and your clients.


Simple financial reporting that supports the conversation for an ongoing structured approach to your services and continued financial coaching.

This includes access to quick financial health checks and assessments.


Providing financial professionals with a low-cost method to automatically collect clients’ financial account balances, property portfolio values and other assets or liabilities in one place, every day.


Moneysoft provides free access to resources, from short tutorial videos to downloadable ebooks, designed to help you develop, package and price your proposition to new and existing clients, delivering a customised service to suit.


Automatic, collection of balance and transaction information from over 350 different accounts across more than 130 financial product providers in Australia.
* ongoing data collection which can also be updated manually.


Put appropriate wealth strategies in place, short and long-term financial goals for your clients, using Moneysoft to regularly track progress towards their goals.


An easy to use interface and design that allows you to seamlessly move your clients between Moneysoft solutions to suit their identified needs and your service proposition.


Moneysoft provides a rich data collection platform that provides you with the potential to gain unprecedented insights across your client base using advanced analytics and data mining.


Business Account Pricing starts at just $199.50+GST per month (Volume discounts and wholesale plans are available).

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Personal Solution

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Moneysoft Pro

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