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Goblins, Black Cats and Witches...Oh My!

Halloween….. are Australians adapting to this American culture or is it just another excuse for having a party? As an Australian it’s the latter. We love hanging out with family and friends, eating, drinking and mingling, so why not decorate your house with spiders, pumpkins and ghosts just to have an excuse to party through the spooky hours of the morning! In saying this, it is another celebration that may require some spending. Making your own costumes, decorations and treats may just save you a bit of money. 1. DIY Halloween Costumes. Pinterest! Pinterest! Pinterest! For fabulous home made and kooky ideas get onto pinterest and search ‘DIY Halloween costumes’. Go through your wardrobe and find inspiration. Old overals? Maybe you can jazz it up and become Mario or Luigi. Leather pants? Transform your look and become Sandy from Grease. Wear a suit skirt and top, put some frames on and bam your ‘Super Nanny’. Boys can be girls, girls can be boys, whatever the inspiration you have look in your wardrobe first. 2. Trick or TREAT Buying treats is the fun part, not only do you get to hand them out but you get to secretly nibble a few here and there. The secret here is don’t buy candy that you like, otherwise you will gobble it up and you will be running to the store before your little quests arrive for some treats. Another little money saving tip, buy the candy that is the cheapest. There is no medal for the house with the best candy, and in all fairness kids don’t discriminate between lollies, they just eat them. 3. House Decorations. A few things can be achieved to make your house go from pleasant to haunted and on a budget. Turn the lights off, easy! Not only do you save on electricity but you are setting the perfect mood to freak out your guests! Say what? You have old white sheets! Cut out the eyes, grab some wire and make ghosts and put them around your house or outside as you please! Spiders, spiders and more spiders! Plastic spiders are often very cheap at discount stores, buy as many as you can, hide them in food, hang them in the corner of your house with cotton as the web! My favourite is cutting eyes out of toilet rolls and placing glow sticks inside and hiding them throughout the house or backyard. 4. Entertainment Everyone has spare white sheets at home! Hang one in the house or in the backyard. Ask around if any friends have a projector or even ask work. Play all the scary movies that make your hair stand up in the background, and there you have the ultimate set up for a party to scare the living daylights out of anyone.