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Release Notes August 2019

1.      Transactions List Export Matches Display

We know that having filtered and / or sorted your transactions in Moneysoft and then having them jumbled up when you export them can be very annoying, so we have introduced an enhancement to the export process to stop this from happening.

Now when you export your transactions to PDF, Excel or CSV they will match the filtered or sorted list displayed on the screen in Moneysoft.

2.      Business Level Rules Back to Work

An issue effecting business level account rules, stopping them from correctly recategorising client transactions has been addressed. These rules are now back hard at work, setting transactions categories so your reports are more accurate.

3.      $ Signs

The missing $ sign from the Budget vs Actual Benchmarking report has been located and sent back to where it belongs. All currency values are now once again displaying the $ symbol.

4.      Transfers Category Now Displayed for Rules

Rules which set a transaction category to Transfers are correctly displaying once again in the rules client. Clicking on the magnifying lens for these rules on the View Rules screen will also return the correct list of transactions.

5.      Budget Net Summary Dynamically Updating

We have done some more work on the Net Summary tile on the Budget page to dynamically update in all circumstances where a budget is updated, including when it is recalculated or manually edited.

6.      Income Values in Budget CSV Export

The budget CSV export is once again displaying income values.