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Release Notes September 2021

1.      Moneysoft PFM Mobile App Updates: Support for Yodlee 1.1 Account Linking

We have recently released an update for our mobile apps to bring them in line with the new data provider’s account linking and data retrieval process. This means that it is once again possible to link, edit, refresh and unlink your new or upgraded financial accounts via Moneysoft PFM mobile app.

Please remember it is not possible to complete the financial account upgrade wizard via the mobile app. To upgrade financial accounts please use a web browser on your PC / Laptop / Tablet.

2.      Closed Accounts: Enabled Balance Only Feature

We have improved the control you have over the display of transactions for closed accounts. Previously the balance only setting in place when an account was closed could not be changed, meaning that transactions for closed accounts were either always or never displayed (Balance Only on / off).

It is now possible to alter the Balance Only setting for closed accounts so you can view or hide the related transactions to suit your needs.

3.      Household Feature: Feature Updates and Improvements

The household feature has seen a good initial take up, helping client accounts with more than one set of log in credentials for a financial institution get all their accounts linked. With the initial take up we have seen a few minor issues and have been working to improve the overall functionality and user experience.

If you would like the household feature activated for your business, or if you notice anything that isn’t quite operating as expected or have some ideas on how the household feature could be further improved, please contact us at

4.      Financial Account Unlinking: Improved Performance

We have had quite a few questions around why old financial accounts cannot be unlinked once the client commences the financial account upgrade wizard. The short answer is that the old accounts are no longer associated to the data provider’s system and consequently our software is unable to process the financial account unlink option. If you require financial accounts associated to the old data provider system (accounts linked before the upgrade) please contact us at and we will remove them for you.

For financial accounts linked under the new data provider’s system, these can be unlinked through self-service and we have improved this process to occur and refresh the page within a few seconds of confirming the Unlink option.

5.      Account Log Out: Now Returns the User to the Log In Screen

We have improved the account log out process to return you to the log in screen. It was previously possible to be logged out due to inactivity or loss of connection and still appear to be logged in to your account. The outcome was that errors would start appearing giving the impression the software was not operating correctly, when it was due to be logged out.

Now when you are logged out due to inactivity or loss of connection you will be returned to the log in screen.

6.      Budget: Zero the Budget Feature

It was identified that the Zero Out function for the budget was not operating as expected under a specific set of circumstances. This issue has now been resolved and the Zero Out function is fully operational once again.