Register for a Moneysoft Webinar

Learn how to offer a cash flow management proposition to your clients, backed by our technology

This 1 hour webinar is run every second Wednesday.  The webinar covers:

1. An overview of a money management, budgeting and Cashflow as a Service proposition for your clients
Covering topics such as ‘changing the client conversation’; knowing your client better, scaling your advice, offering cash flow management services and how to develop your offer.

2. Demonstration of the Moneysoft partner platform
Lite and Pro demo including client onboarding, free resources, ongoing administration and support, how to manage your clients via the portal, and more.

3. Client portal operation
An overview of all of the functionality available to your clients, including automatic data collection, transaction management, budgeting, goal tracking, and reporting.

4. Insights
How Moneysoft’s existing customers are utilising the software to drive new revenue and to gain business efficiencies.

5. Licensing and pricing information.