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Your trial includes complete access to the Moneysoft platform and both of our key cash flow management solutions, Lite and Pro.

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Access also comes with a range of free resources, including your own customisable materials, business process guides, tutorial videos and much more, all provided to help you succeed.

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When you take a free trial, you will experience the benefits of Moneysoft, as though you are a paying customer.

This gives you full access to our friendly support team, who are on-hand to assist you with any questions by phone or email every business day, helping you to make the introduction of Moneysoft and your own client service, a complete success.

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With a dedicated software specialist on-hand, to help you throughout your initial 30-day free period, we will be there to help and answer any questions – from getting going on the platform, deep diving into the software and making sure that you are comfortable with it all, even through to helping you to integrate it into your own proposition with your clients. Feel free to ask us anything! 

We want you to succeed and will make sure that you benefit fully, from your free trial experience and market-leading features, that are available to you.

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Moneysoft Lite

Moneysoft Lite provides a stepping-stone, into cash flow as a service. So, If you’re looking to increase your existing client services with improved business productivity, Lite gives you that option.

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Moneysoft Pro

A dedicated full-service money management solution, Moneysoft Pro supports financial professionals who offer cash-flow, budgetary and money management coaching, to their clients.

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