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Budget Planning & Money Management Made Easy

Manage your money in one location

Moneysoft can access information from over 200 different accounts with banks and other financial institutions.

Following a simple, one-off set-up process, Moneysoft automatically updates your account information, so there’s no re-entering of data required.

Take the first step towards financial wellbeing

When it comes to money, most people believe that the more you have, the better off you’ll be. But the first step towards your personal financial wellbeing is actually being in control of the money you do have.

This is great news because it means that financial wellbeing is well within your grasp, regardless of how much money you earn. All you have to do is get a handle on how much money you’ve got coming in and how much you’ve got going out. Sounds easy, right?

Moneysoft does the hard work for you

Moneysoft is an online, money management tool that brings together all of your personal financial information in one, easy-to-use location – even if that’s multiple accounts with different providers.

Viewing all of your financial information in one location allows you to see what’s coming in and what’s going out, putting you in complete control of your money. With the click of a button, you’ll gain useful insights into your overall financial situation. Armed with this information, you — either personally or with your trusted adviser — will be able to make better financial decisions and reach your goals sooner.

Feel safe and secure

Moneysoft employs the same high-end security and encryption standards used by banks to ensure that your financial information is kept safe and secure. Also, Moneysoft is not a payment gateway, so it’s not possible for you, or anyone else, to move money in or out of your accounts.

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