Moneysoft enables advisers, financial professionals & their clients to make better decisions through cash flow, budgeting and saving, with solutions for Individual users, Small-to-Medium Business and Large Enterprise. We connect bank, credit card, loan, mortgage, superannuation and many other accounts from multiple providers, into a complete wealth and cash flow portal that automatically updates, sorts and reports on the full range of financial data. Presenting an individual’s complete financial situation via an intuitive dashboard, Moneysoft PFM technology covers fact find, budgeting, cash flow, goal tracking, deep-dive analysis and advanced reporting. Moneysoft Round Ups is a product-agnostic micro investing app that is perfect for investment and superannuation fund providers who want to gain an edge with their digital engagement capabilities.

We do all the hard work for you, including fact find configuration, custom white labeling, mobile app deployment, systems integration and support. Complete APIs are available for creation of highly advanced and powerful solutions, either as stand-alone applications or embedded within your existing apps. With a broad range of customisations, Moneysoft helps companies and professionals work with everyday Australians to improve their financial health and achieve financial goals, while offering cutting-edge client engagement, highly-advanced data collection, and out-of-the-box integration with payments, financial planning, mortgage broking and fund administration systems for huge efficiency gains. No-obligation, free access is available for 30 days, so why not go ahead and give us a try!

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What does your business say about you?

Moneysoft CEO, Jon Shaw and XY Adviser founder, Clayton Daniel discuss a simple process you can use to consider the value that your business delivers and the role that technology can play in amplifying your existing capabilities, and building new ones.

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March 2022 Newsletter

Moneysoft March 2022 eNewsletter out now.

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Software without service only delivers half the value.

Moneysoft CEO, Jon Shaw and XY Advisor founder, Clayton Daniel discuss the role of software in service organisations and some principles that you can apply if you’re looking to successfully scale your own service business. Watch now.

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