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What is Moneysoft?

An automated personal financial management (PFM) tool, primarily used by financial professionals and their clients where cashflow, budgeting, saving and goal tracking services are provided.

A user-friendly platform, Moneysoft empowers the trusted adviser-to-client relationship, facilitating smarter decisions and shared responsibility, toward achieving a client’s financial goals.

Moneysoft enables strong adviser & client collaboration, supported by one single dynamic view of an end-users’ financial data, in real time.

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Business and Client Testimonials


“It’s one thing to help our clients set up their spending and savings plans, it’s another thing entirely to help them stay on track.

Moneysoft provides this solution in an efficient and user-friendly manner that allows us to track our client’s progress and ensure they remain on target with their financial goals. 

We love Moneysoft, and our clients love this dynamic approach to money management.  Without Moneysoft’s technology we would be unable to efficiently assist our clients reach their ultimate goal of financial independence.”

Glen Malkiewicz

Senior Financial Adviser
JBS Financial Strategists


“Great Features – auto-classification of expenses, splitting transactions and I like entering my bills into the calendar so I know what’s coming up.”




“Helping our clients understand their cash flow by using smart tools like Moneysoft is critical to ensuring that the long term wealth management plans that we establish for our clients, are based upon accurate cashflow assumptions, helping us to have proactive discussions with our clients about their financial progress across all aspects of their wealth.”

Adam Morse

Director of Wealth
The BlueRock


“Easy to use and secure” 




“Moneysoft has provided AFPG clients and advisers with sophisticated, but user-friendly, budgeting software. It enhances our mission of understanding our client’s financial situation intimately.

Our determination to support our clients through exceptional service and products includes having Moneysoft. It is an important addition to our suite of services.”

Sonia Dickson

Project Manager
Australian Financial Planning Group


“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate working with Moneysoft and how much the program has assisted us with monitoring our clients’ position.

As a business that focuses on reducing debt and creating wealth, budgeting is certainly a key aspect of that process.

Moneysoft has made a huge difference to our business allowing us to correctly monitor a client’s income and expenditure in an easy, timely and efficient manner.”

Shaun Frost

Certified Financial Planner
Financial Coaching Australia


“Moneysoft is a surprisingly clever program. At first I was skeptical as I thought I was managing my money quite well on my own. But after starting to use this program, I discovered exactly where my money was going.

Moneysoft showed me how to categorise my spending, set up alerts, goals and calendar events and how to best manage my money. Being able to access all my account balances and transactions in one place is both time saving and convenient.”




“As a result of using Moneysoft I can see exactly where my money is going. The fact that it is so simple to use, link all your accounts and really track your spending is just fantastic. Throw in the mix that it is user-friendly, has a simple interface and a beautiful layout makes it an easy decision to recommend it to friends!”




Are you after a personal solution?

If you are an individual looking for a powerful personal money management and budgeting tool, Moneysoft has a solution that gives you a complete and true picture of your personal finances.



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