Round-Ups & Micro-Savings

Moneysoft Round-Ups

For many people, long-term investments like superannuation and managed funds can seem far removed from their day-to-day concerns. That creates a challenge for funds who are eager to engage and retain members. 

Moneysoft Round-Ups brings short, medium and long-term investments into the here and now. It’s an innovative solution that lets people make small, frequent contributions to their investment accounts by automatically rounding up the spare change from everyday transactions and making one off or scheduled contributions.

Moneysoft Round-Ups provides a basis for more positive engagement between funds and their members while building wealth through increased savings.

Round-Ups is fund agnostic. That means it’s built your way, for your clients, your processes, your brand and your fund. You can choose a turn-key solution, or we can customise it to fit your needs, including integration with existing digital platforms such as member apps or portals.

Increase Engagement and Contributions

Superannuation and Retail investment funds are spending big on digital technology to engage and educate their members. Yet while clear inroads are being made, the move from internal processing systems to real-time member facing applications has been challenging. 

People want their funds to provide better customer service and apps to help them monitor their money.

Moneysoft Round-Ups can play a key role in helping your fund successfully embrace digital communications to connect with members.