About Us

Moneysoft’s heritage lies within the financial services industry, supporting strong financial advice.

We firmly believe that cash flow is the foundation of saving and investing. Our solutions are built upon this principal.

Moneysoft was founded in 2012 with a clear vision; to empower all Australians to take more control of their finances, in particular, their cash flow.

Our name is an abbreviation of ‘Money soft-ware’ and Moneysoft has become a well established independent Australian technology company, providing leading-edge financial tools and solutions.

We offer solutions for financial professionals working with their clients to help them understand the importance of cash flow, while empowering them to take control of their financial wellbeing, as well as large scale enterprise solutions supporting businesses at every stage of the digital transformation journey, from off-the-shelf products to white labelling and custom development via API’s.

Our solutions are used by many business professionals, from Financial Advisers and Planners, Dealer groups, Money Management coaches, Mortgage Brokers, Superannuation funds and more.

Find out more about the solutions we offer and how they can help you and your business here.



If you are an individual without a financial professional or adviser to help you look after your cash flow but would like to find out more about Moneysoft, please click here