Customer Stories

Jonathon Mannion CFP®

Making a visible, tangible shift!

I’ve found integrating Moneysoft into my practice fascinating from a behaviour and relationship point of view.

It’s shifted long term client relationships, subtly at first when the concept is floated, then more dramatically when it’s up and running.

In part I’ve found it has been because instead of trying to remember disparate parts, the client can log in, see their net wealth in 1 place – home, super, bank accounts, investments. They can drill down into one area to see what’s happening, set goals that are visible and tangible and track them. 

Now we are working together, more closely, seeing the same things and they hear from me much more frequently because I have something tangible.

The clincher for one client was that we hadn’t been able to plug the “leak” in his cashflow. Turns out when we linked the bank accounts there was an account that had been forgotten and wasn’t on the online banking login. It wasn’t a leak or an overspend, it was a regular transfer that had been growing quietly in the background over years.”


Jonathon Mannion CFP®

Sandringham Wealth