Auto Fact Find

Auto Fact Find

Auto Fact Find is an automated data collection process providing Advisers, Mortgage Brokers and financial service providers greater efficiency, streamlined client engagement and improved compliance.

It can be used as standalone or integrated module within the Moneysoft PFM suite of products, providing immediate visibility of key data including client completion status. 

Auto Fact Find synchronises and pre-populates data via integrations with compliance tools such as Xplan, Midwinter and other third-party systems, enabling advanced options such as reverse fact find and selective sync.

Our standard fact find modules and workflow are customisable, providing flexibility for existing modules to be removed or replaced entirely, allowing you to completely digitise your AFSL-approved fact find within the Moneysoft platform.

Using our broad range of financial account data sources helps to quickly capture a client's profile and data, with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

For Advisers, Mortgage Brokers and other financial service providers Auto Fact Find offers break-through efficiency and helps clients realise the full value of your services.

Auto Fact Find Modules

Auto Fact Find includes configurable fields available for the following default modules. These can be configured as part of a business account. In addition, Moneysoft can also configure customisable modules to suit your specific compliance requirements.

Benchmark Information

Pension and Annuity

Aged Care

Social Security

Retirement Objectives

Estate Planning

Early Termination

Employment Details

Risk Profile


Income and Expenses

Health & Underwriting Information


Goals and Objectives

Fact Find Documentation