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Dry July

Ban the booze in the fight against cancer… and you may even increase your savings along the way!

It’s abundantly clear that Aussies love a tipple. Did you know that the average Australian spends more than $31 a week on alcohol?(1) That’s $1612 in a year! Now, imagine that money sitting in your wallet, instead of in the till at the local bottle shop. In fact, go one step further and picture that cash invested in an online savings account, earning you — for argument’s sake — 3% per annum in interest. You’re looking at another fifty bucks in income at least – and that’s certainly not chump change. You could donate part — or all, if you’re feeling particularly generous — of your savings to a worthwhile charity, like Dry July ( This not-for-profit organisation works to improve the lives of adults living with cancer. By giving up the grog for the 31 days of July, individuals (or teams) raise money to directly help cancer patients and their families, creating better support networks and an improved quality of life. It was estimated that in 2012, Australians would’ve spent $14.1 billion on alcohol versus $1.1 billion for tea and coffee.(2) Not only does Dry July fight the good fight against cancer, it’s a personal challenge that encourages positive change. It gives participants a chance to re-evaluate their individual drinking habits, appreciate the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle and save money, So, raise your mocktail and toast the battle against cancer (and personal debt) this Dry July.