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Financial and Physical Health – They’re More Closely Related Than You May Think.

Here’s some food for thought... Budgeting and paying off debt is a lot like eating well and being fit. Just like binging on junk and not exercising, owing money eventually weighs you down. The path to financial fitness involves planning out all your expenses before they actually occur, to the best of your ability. Consider this: if you’re already planning weekly meals and tracking daily calories, why not do the same with money? Whether or not you realise, you’re already on a “diet” simply because you eat food. Similarly, you’re on a budget - money comes in and money goes out. Whether you control your cash or it controls you, well, that’s a different matter. Changing the way hard-earned money is spent is an endeavour that many struggle with for years. Like a diet, a budget isn’t innately or automatically life-changing. It simply encourages behaviour modification and accountability. A budget helps set guidelines needed to take charge of your lifestyle. This is what differentiates success from failure. Since everyone comes from different socio-economic backgrounds and has a unique starting point, a budget should be tailored to your specific circumstances. Moreover, a well-planned budget should be inherently flexible. The vast majority of people struggle with health and fitness because we don’t see results overnight – it’s not a linear progression. Neither is getting out of debt or growing investments. Bad habits built over years take time to break down and restructure. Be patient with the process and with yourself - stick to the plan. Of course, there are going to be times when you miss your target. These aren’t reasons to throw in the towel. All of the effort and sacrifice won’t seem worth it if you don’t allow yourself to indulge every once in a while. Good health and wealth require you to prioritise, set goals and work hard. Applying the same logic and principles to finances and fitness will help you make gains in both.