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Worthy Wednesday Savers #1

I was once told never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach….not only is it intimidating for your waistline it’s detrimental for your wallet. So I started thinking; what other quirky, savvy little saving habits are out there? What have I been missing out on on all these years? I am now on a mission, and that is how Worthy Wednesday Savers was born. 1. Write a shopping list – and stick to it. One should never go to a supermarket without exactly knowing what their cupboards and refrigerators require. Write a list and be strict on yourself, no matter how tempting 5 packets of Tim Tams for $5 sounds…if its not on the list then it’s a no go. Having a strong idea of what you need to buy will have you saving a bundle. 2. Have friends over instead of going out - Everyone knows hanging at home is a lot cheaper than going out – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the logic behind this statement. Have themed nights for a bit more fun for example A Mexican Monopoly Night, or a Sausage Sizzle Soccer Party! 3. Reducing Take-Out Meals - We are all busy and we all know how easy it is to grab take out on the way home instead of spending a few hours making a meal. Why not cook double batches, bake them and freeze the left overs? This way all you really have to do is defrost and heat up. 4. Saving on Phone Bills - When at home take advantage of your internet and make phone calls instead of using your home phone or mobile. Downloading Skype, Viber and or Voxer can save you lots of money in the long run.