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Balance Only Accounts

With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve just deployed our last production release before the jolly season. The highlights are:
  • We’ve fixed several minor bugs around the calendar & category screens
  • Updated the look and feel of the Goals page
  • Improved the workflow of categorising your transactions
Speaking of transactions, a big feature of this release is the “Balance Only” accounts. A “Balance Only” account is those accounts where you only want to track the Balances, not necessarily the transactions. Here’s a list where “Balance Only” might help you:
  • Is your Super Fund with AMP?  Moneysoft can handle that
  • What about Care Super?  Moneysoft has you covered
  • What about the MTA of Australia Superannuation Fund?  Of course, Moneysoft can handle that
For these or any one of our over 200 Financial Service Providers, you may only be interested in the account balance (this forms part of your overall net worth).  Generally speaking, your Super fund doesn’t belong with your budget.  Neither does your Home Loan or Savings account. For more information on how to set your budget, we have a ton of instructional videos and walkthroughs. Have a look here.