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Release Notes February 2020

1.      Entities

The selection of an entity on the dashboard will now correctly update the report preview tiles to display only the information that is related to the accounts within that entity.

The net worth report has been fixed to ensure that financial accounts within an entity are only displayed once.

Other accounts and properties can once again be assigned to an entity.

2.      Historical Account Balance Signs

We know that sometimes the account balance for an account can be recorded with the incorrect sign. This is most common in Offset and Portfolio accounts, where the balance may switch between a positive and negative value.

In the past we have not been able to easily rectify this issue and so have implemented a new process to allow self-service changes to historical account balances.

To do this, go to your My Accounts page, click on the options menu for an account and select Account Settings. Click on the new Edit Balance History button to bring up the historical account balances for that account. These can then be changed individually, through multiple selections or by selecting all. It is also possible to filter the account balances by a preferred date range.

Please note, that the list of balances only displays values where an account balance was retrieved during a refresh of the account. This means there will be gaps in the data, with not every day having a value. Where there is no account balance data, the account balance is repeated until a new balance has been retrieved, so changing the sign will also be copied forward. In other words, if you have an account balance on 1 January and then not another one until 10 January, if you change the balance sign the value on 1 January, this will be copied through in the Account Balance report until 9 January.

Changes to historical account balances will flow through to the Net Worth and Account Balance reports.

Edit Balance History 01

Edit Balance History 02

If you wish to change the account balance sign for the current day, moving forward, you will still need to select the switch balance sign. The new feature only changes historical account balances.

Change Sign

3.      Uncategorised Transaction Button on the Dashboard

An issue where the Uncategorised Button and associated number could be hidden behind the report tiles if the page magnification was increased has been fixed. The button and number will now always remain in front of the report tiles, regardless of the page magnification.

Uncat Trans Button

4.      Updated User Messaging for Account Errors

We have reviewed the error messaging displayed when hovering over the pink error dot for financial accounts in error. The messaging now better describes the error that has occurred and the steps required to correct the error.

Error Message 01

Error Message 02