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Release Notes September 2019

1.      Deleted Calendar Events

An enhancement was made to improve the way the Calendar handles deleted future events.

2.      Cashflow Report

If the report range is selected for more than 12 months, e.g. 15 months from June 2018 to September 2019, three extra months (June, July and August 2019) figures will be added to the first three months in the report (June, July and August 2018), throwing out the report values.

A new conditional message has been added to the report to indicate that some months may include data from different years where more than 12 months have been selected in the date range.

3.      Budget vs Actual Benchmarking Report

The underlying date format in the report has been updated to correctly align with transaction dates, to improve the accuracy of the data in circumstances where some early or late transactions at the beginning or end of the month were being excluded.

4.      Moneysoft Lite and Pro – Message on Account Linking Page

A new message has been added to the Financial Account linking page to encourage clients to link all the financial accounts. When the first financial account begins linking the yellow Security Banner at the top the page changes to a purple banner with a new message:

New Banner Image 

5.      Moneysoft Lite – Confirm Accounts Page

Two new questions have been added to the Confirm Accounts page asking clients to confirm they have linked all the financial accounts and properties before selecting their accounts and property statuses.

Confirm Accounts Questions 

6.      Moneysoft Lite – Account Linking Prompt

New clients in Lite will now see a green banner with a prompt and link to direct them to the account linking page to help them get started with Moneysoft.

Link Your Accounts Banner 

7.      Budget Snapshot Report – Save the Last Selected Fields

An enhancement has been made to the Budget Snapshot report to save the last set of categories selected. Previously, the fields were automatically selected based on previous expenses totals.