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Superheroes And Their Finances

A few nights ago I had babysitting duties with my little nephew. It was the usual type of night, loads of popcorn and chocolates on the couch watching LEGO Batman: The Movie. Random thoughts started to fill my head on how fortunate Batman (Bruce Wayne) is, not to be stressed about money.  Then just like that thoughts flooded my mind with all the superheroes: how do they survive, how do they get paid and pay for their lifestyle? And here I am raving and ranting with my next blog addition: Do Superheroes worry about money? Let’s first take a look at one of my personal favourite crime fighters: Batman. During the day he is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy; an independently wealthy socialite with few day-to-day obligations. In saying that, he is able to duck out through the day to fight for justice without anyone really noticing that he is missing, only because everyone is expecting him to be out and about socialising and rubbing shoulders with someone. And by night he transforms into Batman – seeking justice for the good of all mankind. Batman’s secret to success: His immense wealth only earned more money. Maybe think of investments that will create wealth without you having to do all the hard work in the process. Superman, well, he had to work like the rest of us. Clark Kent had to support himself through the salary of a journalist, and to be honest he doesn’t live a lavish lifestyle like Batman. And let’s just put it out there - eventually Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Superman) tied the knot, so in all fairness two combined salaries helped them stay afloat with their finances. Superman’s secret to success: Just like kryptonite, his finances may be his weakness, but he is a clean-living guy. You’d never see him at the local coffee shop, eating out, or even wearing expensive suits (sorry, Clark). Small costs can really weaken your wallet, so work out how much your habits are really affecting your finances. Peter Parker — aka Spiderman — had a very rough start. After the death of his Uncle Ben, and Aunt May being too weak to work, Peter decided to get a job to pay his debts. After many applications and rejections he finally found a way to make money, photographing all his adventures against the villains, which the Daily Bugle, were interested in. Spiderman’s secret to success: Perseverance.  Between fighting crime, studying to be a scientist and being employed as a photographer, he seemed to manage his priorities. The key here is he continued and never gave up. The same thing can be said for the rest of us, we don’t always want to work three jobs, or financially struggle, but as humans we have the instinct of doing what we have to do to keep on going. It’s all about prioritising! Oh Wonder Woman… the confusion on this perfect, historically empowering beautiful woman has left me with not a lot of information on exactly how she made money or even managed her finances. Diana Price was a nurse for the U.S Military and apparently exchanged her identity with the Amazon Goddess in return for money to go see her fiancée. And hence Wonder Woman as Diana Price was born. I’m not going to into this as I am unsure of all the facts and how exactly she made money to sustain her lifestyle and her invisible airplane. I just wanted to mention her as I secretly had a big crush on her as a kid. Aquaman is the ruler of Atlantis and the Earth’s oceans. His incredible strength, speed and ability to control all sea-life is truly amazing. He was depicted as a comical superhero so growing up I was happy to watch him – it wasn’t all serious business. On another note, how does he make money and maintain his debts? Well, that’s pretty obvious – he doesn’t need to… he lives under water, for goodness’ sakes. And let’s just say for the purpose of this exercise he did have debts….Treasure! He is the ruler of the seas with lots and lots of treasure. Regardless, superheroes or not, let’s be honest, they still have to work and manage their finances just like the rest of us. And at the end of the day we are all different, what may work for someone may not work for you. Find your groove and what you are comfortable with – live within your means – this life is not a competition nor a race.