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Worthy Wednesday Savers #6

A few blogs ago (Worthy Wednesday Savers #4) I had mentioned our mini makeover, this may be over but a few things have popped up since then that has sparked the ‘frugal light bulb’ in my head. We shifted data points from one room to the other and failed to connect the portable phones that week. It was only the other day when my parents couldn’t get through to my mobile and were trying to call the landline….I thought wait a second, it’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t needed to use the home phone, so why am I spending $59 p/m (that’s our rate with our provider) on something I do not need nor use? 1. If you have a Mobile – check your plan and utilise any free calls if you have a capped plan and reduce spending on your Land Line! I know I don’t like receiving market research calls during dinner time and I’m sure I can figure out what to do with extra dollars saved other than pay for a service I actually don’t require. If I can reduce my land line costs by $20 p/month and just pay the land line fee for internet that’s a saving of $240 p/a and don’t have to bother about breaking another cordless. 2. Keep the Change Coins that you have spread throughout your home and in the pockets of your pants and coats can add up quicker than you think. You would be surprised at how much money you would be able to save by making sure that you keep the change and accumulate these coins over time. Buy yourself a money box, place it somewhere that can become a habit of placing coins in there at the end of every day. For example – where ever you place your keys when you get home. That way as soon as you put your keys away look through pockets and wallet for any change that was accumulated over the day. A few dollars in loose coins a day equates to over $700 per year. 3. One’s trash is another’s treasure Fashion comes and goes, some pieces are spectacular and some are horrific. None the less we love a little retail therapy every so often and lets face it if you are a social little butterfly you cant keep wearing the same top that cost you a fortune over and over. Suggestion – Walk into a recycled clothe shop and have a look around, you’ll be surprised at what is on the rack and chances are you will find a bargain and clothes you like as you would have picked them out. It’s a win win!!! Don’t know where to go? Search “recycled clothing online”! 4. Oven Procedure Did you know using your oven on fan-forced rather than conventional uses around 30% less energy and less energy means?  Oh yeah lower bills. I have also found it to be less time consuming, a cake that states baking for 45 min, takes usually between 30-35 minutes for my oven.