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Worthy Wednesday Savers #9

The start of school holidays is always exciting! The kids have play dates, and parents coming over for a more relaxed get together. Kids stay up a little later, maybe veg out a bit more, others may have chores galore to make up for the time through the semester they used their homework as an excuse to get out of cleaning their room….regardless it’s fun for families. And to throw it out their even more welcoming to people driving to and from work everyday where the roads seem a little less congested. 1. Food for the kiddies Pizza – ordering and getting it delivered is simple and convenient but as I have mentioned in previous blogs, it’s convenience that costs us the most. Making our own pizza’s, freezing them and storing them is really just as convenient. You can save time and dough by cooking up a frozen one instead. 2. BYO Bags Most stores are now jumping on the band wagon and charging a fee for the plastic bag. This is amazing, and we should be so fortunate to live in a country that wants to take care of this land not just for right now but for the future. Start carrying reusable bags/totes with you wherever you go, and save on that $0.15 fee per plastic bag. (Aldi’s price for a plastic bag) 3. Pump your Tyres Whether your driving to play dates, holiday programs or even going on holidays make sure to maintain your tyres and keep them inflated. Properly inflated tires improve your gas mileage by at least three percent. 4. Bottled water Everyday I drink water, I would like to assume everyone everyday drinks water. Why is that we buy bottled water, to only refill for that day and then the next buy a new bottle? Imagine drinking from a reusable bottle and the money you would save!!