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Marketing Tricks To Make you Buy More

Sometimes when I drove home after spending a day shopping, I try to convince myself that I needed it, or that it was on sale and I would NEVER get it at that price EVER again! Below are a few tricks that lure us into the spending web of the retailers. Buy One, Get One Free Straight up people, we are all suckers for the word free. It is one of the most powerful weapons and yes my dear friends we are drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The funny thing about this is, we may not even need it, or it makes people buy more than they intended. The whole purpose of this is to move more of the product than usual, even though they are making a smaller margin. So next time you go for the 2nd pair of jeans for 25% off think about what is really happening and if you really need them. Gift Cards Perfect, quick presents to make anyone happy right? Of course! But the Retailers end up on top again with this one friends. You receive a gift voucher of $100 for JB HiFi for this example, some people might just use the $100 to purchase something however you think to yourself what’s another $60 to get the latest and greatest of the version I was happy to buy for under a $100? Eh…$60 of my money is nothing! But JB HiFi just got $160 that you may or may have not ended up purchasing without the gift card. Floor Plan Don’t be so naïve peeps, they have more than one strategy up their sleeves and the floor plan is just another one. Have you ever wondered roaming around Westfield’s why there are only escalators on either end of the level? And elevators positioned usually in the middle? Coincidence? I say not! You have one purpose to get to woolworths on a Saturday morning but oh, wait, shiny, free, two-for-one are being thrown in your face, chances are you will stop. All I have to say is IKEA…. You DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU REACH THE VERY END! A Sense of Urgency The web is filled with this. Are you looking at particular hotel? Apparently another 3 people are! This cheap flight…well…there is only 3 seats left. It’s all about making you feel like you are going to miss out on this amazing opportunity if you keep surfing around for a better deal. Even though I can say with my hand on my heart that this is the most ridiculous one of all, I fall for it all the time. Decoy Pricing I actually just came across this particular trick – it allows businesses to increase sales while also influencing the customer’s purchasing decision. It’s a really simple concept; instead of offering two options, offer three. The best example is coffee sizes; small, medium and large. A small may cost $3, and a large may cost $7, no one would buy the large at $7, that’s too expensive when you are comparing it to the small coffee at $3. So, put a medium in that equation that costs $6 – the $7 coffee now seems worth the money and only for $1 extra.