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RELEASE NOTES: Moneysoft PFM June – July 2023

The following release notes relate to:
Application Version:

SDK Version: 3.0.20 20230724


Open Banking – Ready for Go-live!

Now only pending ACCC approval – we expect Open Banking data feeds to be live by 10 August 2023.

For any of you who are still not familiar with Open Banking (Consumer Data Right or “CDR”) and the benefits it will bring to you and your clients, please read our white paper on the subject here.

When Open Banking is switched on, you will need to register your “Trusted Adviser” entity details in accordance with the Consumer Data Right Rules, allowing your business and employees to gain access to clients’ CDR data. The Trusted Adviser registration process will be automatically displayed via a wizard process and can also be activated, viewed, or renewed (edited) via the ‘My account’ page in the Adviser Portal when logged in as the Administrator user.

We will put step-by-step guides and client-facing materials together for all business account customers when access to Open Banking data becomes available.

As a sneak preview, this is what you can expect to see soon:





Reporting Enhancements for Improved Client Management

Carrying on from what’s been the norm for the last few months, we have made further improvements to reports, specifically the Institutional Exposure and Client Summary reports. Each of these client management reports now have improved overall insight and value. These reports are available via the Adviser Portal under the “ACROSS ADVISERS” or “ACROSS CLIENTS” tabs.

We have added more relevant information about linked institutions, the number of accounts refreshed and the number of accounts in error to the Institutional Exposure Report, as shown below.

Picture4 v2

Similarly, the Client Summary Report now contains much more relevant information, including general information about each client’s linked accounts, along with a snapshot of how clients are tracking towards their goals and key financial health indicators.


Performance fixes

There have also been more improvements made to performance and user experience this month. Some of you may have experienced a lengthy delay in loading the Dashboard when switching to view a client account from the Adviser Portal. This problem has now been rectified and all client accounts load as expected. In addition, a bug that was causing the dashboard to not display correctly for new client users has been fixed.

We also made some general improvements to the speed of several reports (including the Client Summary Report) during the month.


Other Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Enhancement: There is more information in the ‘Site Upgrade’ tile. The optimum size required to upload a company logo to the Moneysoft Adviser Portal is now shown.


If you would like more detail on this or previous fixes, please get in touch with Moneysoft Support ( or contact your Account Manager.