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RELEASE NOTES: Moneysoft PFM – September and October 2023

The following release notes relate to: 
Application Version: 

SDK Version: 2.0.0 20231020 


Open Banking update 

Consumer Data Right (CDR) data feeds have been available for those registered with Moneysoft as a Trusted Adviser for almost three months now. We have had an excellent response to the launch, with most Moneysoft business account subscribers now able to offer this capability to their clients.

We have found that Consumer Data Right (CDR) data feeds are superior to the traditional Digital Data Capture (or “screen scraping”) feeds, however both remain available to you and your clients. This is important, as not every account type is covered under the CDR legislation, and some institutions are still yet to be enabled for the service (most notably, superannuation funds).

With CDR data feeds, internet banking passwords are not required, and clients may consent to share data for up to 365 days at a time. 

For more information, visit  ‘Open Banking’ on our website   
Watch this video, to register as a Trusted Adviser 
And this video, shows how to connect to the CDR data feeds.   


Software Improvements: 

A property address confirmation feature in the Auto Fact Find ‘Basic Information’ module, has now been removed. As we had experienced configuration problems with Google. We don’t believe this is necessary as addresses can be confirmed externally and the time taken to complete the form is now reduced. 

We continue to upgrade our Fact Find integration with CRMs such as X-Plan. A new release for X-Plan is expected in the coming weeks.

A bug that led to calendar entries duplicating when a an existing entry was modified has been fixed.

The Cash Flow report tile on the Main Dashboard has been enhanced by removing unused white space, the chart enlarged so it is easier to view, and some changes to the text and tooltips to make them easier to read. We continue to refine the presentation of our reports so that important information is easily identifiable and clear.

Finally, a bug that was preventing new clients from receiving their invitation email was recognised and quickly rectified. A big thankyou to clients that notified us. This bug was due to an external factor, and we may not otherwise have been aware of it without your feedback. 


Performance fixes and upgraded app. 

Yet more improvements have been made to performance and user experience in September and October. Our tech team is working diligently on the release of a new android app that have same capabilities of the desktop and a release is expected soon.

If you would like more detail on this or previous fixes, please get in touch with Moneysoft Support ( or contact your Account Manager.